DIGA Volunteer Spotlight: Carolyn Foley

Sep 20, 2023

It’s no secret that nonprofits are only as good as their volunteers. A robust roster of individuals willing to support a philanthropic cause and advance a mission are critical to its ultimate success. That’s why our team at IMPACT Melanoma is committed to expressing our thanks by introducing our volunteers to the wider world.

In this post, we present our interview with Carolyn Foley, MD Candidate at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. 

Carolyn has been instrumental in providing prevention education throughout New England and her passion shows in her amazing work,” notes IMPACT Melanoma’s Practice Safe Skin Manager, Laurie Seavey.  

Without further delay, we turn it over to Carolyn and her reflections on working with IMPACT Melanoma…

Why did you choose IMPACT Melanoma?

I wanted to find an organization that combined my interests of increasing access to dermatologic information and community education. Partnering with IMPACT has provided many opportunities for me to work with many different populations to increase knowledge about sun protection and skin cancer detection. 

What made you get involved with this organization?

I initially got involved with IMPACT when I had the opportunity to teach the Skinny on Skin Course to Cosmetology Students. Since then, I have given multiple presentations to different populations including lifeguards, working adults and parents. I have greatly enjoyed working with these various populations and tailoring education to the concerns/risk factors of each group. 

Do you have a personal connection or experience with skin cancer or melanoma that inspired your action?

I have a grandfather who has had multiple melanoma lesions removed over the years. Individuals from his generation did not have access to information about sun protection and have a high degree of photoaging. Taking steps to protect your skin from an early age would have greatly improved his overall health. As such, I think it is incredibly important to increase knowledge about sun protection for people of all ages, but especially young individuals. 

What did you learn from this experience and what do you want other people to learn or know when they hear about IMPACT Melanoma or skin cancer/melanoma in general?

I have been able to learn so much through my experiences with IMPACT Melanoma. I have been able to determine the concerns/risk factors of different demographics and learned how to best educate a wide variety of individuals. I think it is critical to educate all individuals on how to protect their skin and how to detect skin cancer to improve health on a large scale. 

Ready to volunteer your time and talents to IMPACT Melanoma? We would love to have you! If you are a DIGA student, please complete the following form and/or join us for monthly meetings. For general volunteering opportunities, email Tracy Sconyers at tsconyers@impactmelanoma.org.


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