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Team IMPACT: Meet Nick Maglio

This year’s New York City Marathon is a virtual event that allows runners to plot their own course while doing some good for the charity they’re running for. Runners need to complete their race during the window of October 23 – November 7, 2021. With that said, we’re so grateful to be presenting Team IMPACT as a component of the virtual festivities. Comprised of a dedicated group of runners that come from different backgrounds and levels of running experience, each of our runners share a passion for our cause – which is to spread awareness and prevention initiatives with regard to the incidences of melanoma around the United States, and, with our lead, the world.

Many of Team IMPACT’s members are survivors, family members of survivors, or a person who has lost a loved one to melanoma. Together, along with our partnership with the Boston Athletic Association, we’ve been able to make great IMPACT over the years raising in excess of $5 million, which has gone to directly benefit IMPACT Melanoma’s mission of prevention, education, support, and advocacy in the fight against melanoma.

As mentioned, each of our team members have unique reasons as to why they’re contributing efforts to Team IMPACT, and, as such, we’re highlighting a handful of them in support of their run, and their campaign to raise necessary funds.

With that in mind, please join us in welcoming and thanking, Nick Maglio! Nick is still planning on running in NYC proper to fulfil his 26.2. Read on to learn more!

IMPACT Melanoma: How’d you learn about IMPACT Melanoma and Team IMPACT?

Nick Maglio: I was diagnosed with stage 1A melanoma in December 2020. I began doing some research online about melanoma and came across Team IMPACT. I saw that they had the marathon team and decided to reach out to try and get a spot on the team.

IM: What made you decide to get involved and commit to a spot on the team? What does said spot mean to you?

Maglio: I am very grateful for having been selected to be a part of Team IMPACT. To be honest, it is a little out of my comfort zone to be speaking about my own personal experience with melanoma. I was very lucky to have caught it early on. I hope that by sharing my story and by being part of the team that I can help Impact Melanoma’s goal of raising awareness about skin cancer.

IM: How many marathons have you run in the past? What do you take away from these experiences?

Maglio: I have never run a marathon. I played basketball in college so the way I trained up to this point had been much different than the training for long distance running. I ran a half marathon this summer so that’s the furthest distance I’ve run up until now. I really enjoy the mental endurance you need to have in order to run long distances. I’ve been running a lot of long slow miles to build up my base and the mental challenge of that is almost more enjoyable for me than the physical challenge. I am looking forward to running the NYC marathon.

IM: I know it’s hard to predict, but how do you think this particular run will stack up (from a philosophical/humanitarian/or just straight physical point of view)?

Maglio: I think it’s pretty cool to be a part of a team and running for something bigger than myself. It’s also a great event to be a part of as runners spend a lot of time outside and should be aware of the risks associated with sun exposure.

IM: What is your personal stance / battle cry with regard to skin cancer and taking care of one’s skin?

Maglio: I never really worried about sunscreen or anything like that because I wasn’t one to be tanning or out in the sun all the time. When I found out I had skin cancer that obviously changed. I wish I had paid more attention to it. I am just hoping to help IMPACT Melanoma in raising awareness and preventing the incidents of skin cancer. Getting your skin checked once or twice a year and wearing sunscreen is easy to do and makes a huge difference. Early detection can save your life.

IM: What’s your pre-race ritual? Some sort of specific cuisine the night before? Specific stretching routine? Special socks? You tell us!

Maglio: I’m hoping to get some of the best food that NYC has to offer with my family. A good meal and hopefully some good sleep will be the plan.

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