Team IMPACT: Meet Mia Rowell

Aug 31, 2021

The Boston Athletic Association has announced that if road races are allowed to take place as part of the Massachusetts reopening plan, the 125th Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, October 11, 2021. A historical virtual Boston Marathon will be open to everyone 18 or older in celebration of the 125th Boston Marathon this fall. Held in addition to the in-person Boston Marathon, the virtual race will be open to the first 70,000 registrants.

IMPACT Melanoma is once again proud to present Team IMPACT. Comprised of a dedicated group of runners that come from different backgrounds and levels of running experience, each of our runners share a passion for our cause – which is to spread awareness and prevention initiatives with regard to the incidences of melanoma around the United States, and, with our lead, the world.

Many of Team IMPACT’s members are survivors, family members of survivors, or a person who has lost a loved one to melanoma. Together, along with our partnership with the Boston Athletic Association, we’ve been able to make great IMPACT over the years raising in excess of $2 million, which has gone to directly benefit IMPACT Melanoma’s mission of prevention, education, support, and advocacy in the fight against melanoma.

As mentioned, each of our team members has unique reasons as to why they’re contributing efforts to Team IMPACT, and, as such, we’re highlighting a handful of them in support of their run, and their campaign to raise necessary funds.

With that in mind, please join us in welcoming and thanking, Mia Rowell!

IMPACT Melanoma: How’d you learn about IMPACT Melanoma and Team IMPACT?

Mia Rowell: I learned about IMPACT Melanoma and Team IMPACT by doing my own research, I have dreamed of running the Boston Marathon for years and wanted to run it for a very special cause near and dear to my heart. I wanted to run specifically for this cause so when I came across this team, I could not pass up this opportunity.

IM: What made you decide to get involved and commit to a spot on the team? What does said spot mean to you?

Rowell: This spot means so much to me, I could not imagine being a part of any other team and I am so thankful I get the opportunity to run with this team. This spot means more to me than anyone could ever imagine. I actually started crying tears of joy when I was told I could run for this team. Raising money for such an amazing cause means so much to me.

IM: How many marathons have you run in the past? What do you take away from these experiences?

Rowell: This will be my first marathon; I run for my college and have run multiple half marathons in the past but never a full marathon. What I take from every race is a sense of healthy competition, competition with myself both mentally and physically, and competition with others. I always try to run my absolute hardest and keep pushing especially when it gets tough. From previous races I have learned how to go beyond my barriers and keep pushing myself even harder throughout every race.

Team IMPACT: Mia Rowell running

IM: I know it’s hard to predict, but how do you think this particular run will stack up (from a philosophical/humanitarian/or just straight physical point of view)?

Rowell: I think this particular run will be the best race of my life along with many others. Since the pandemic, this race has not been able to take place in person with spectators and it is a huge part of Boston. I think every single person running that race will feel empowered. Everyone will feel free in a way and a sense of control back. From a physical point of view, I think many PR’s will be hit and thousands of people will be filled with joy that could last a lifetime. I have heard that once you run the Boston Marathon, you will never be the same person again and I genuinely believe that. I believe that it is an experience many will remember for the rest of their lives.

IM: What is your personal stance/battle cry with regard to skin cancer and taking care of one’s skin?

Rowell: Taking care of your skin is one of the most important practices of self-care in one’s life. Your skin is part of your body, and it is such a special part. My mom struggled with skin cancer in the past and watching her go through that made me understand the importance of wearing sunscreen and taking care of one’s skin. Healthy skin is a key aspect to a healthy body and living a healthy life. There needs to be more awareness of just how detrimental Melanoma is and the hardships one can be faced with if they do not take care of their skin.

IM: What’s your pre-race ritual? Some sort of specific cuisine the night before? Specific stretching routine? Special socks? You tell us!

Rowell: My pre-race ritual usually consists of eating a hearty pasta meal, stretching and rolling out anything that feels sore or tense, getting my gear and hydration ready for the next day, and of course writing down any thoughts/feelings and my goals for the race ahead!

To get involved and make a donation:

Visit Mia’s runner profile here to help her reach her personal goal:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Mia!

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