Team IMPACT: Meet Joseph Zieff

Nov 5, 2022

The 53rd New York City Marathon commences on Monday, November 6th, and IMPACT Melanoma is once again proud to present Team IMPACT, which is comprised of a dedicated group of runners that come from different backgrounds and levels of running experience. Each of our runners shares a passion for our cause – which is to spread awareness and prevention initiatives with regard to the incidences of melanoma around the United States, and, with our lead, the world.

Many of Team IMPACT’s members are survivors, family members of survivors, or a person who has lost a loved one to melanoma. Each of our team members has unique reasons as to why they’re contributing efforts to Team IMPACT, and, as such, we’re highlighting a handful of them in support of their run, and their campaign to raise necessary funds.

With that in mind, please join us in welcoming and thanking, Joseph Zieff!

How’d you learn about IMPACT Melanoma and Team IMPACT?

My younger brother ran the Boston Marathon for Team IMPACT Melanoma in April. This is a cause that is incredibly important to our family, so I knew that I wanted to be a part of Team IMPACT as well.

What made you decide to get involved and commit to a spot on the team? What does said spot mean to you?
As someone who used to reside in NYC, I have seen firsthand how incredibly inspiring the NYC marathon can be. I knew that this was an event I wanted to participate in, and joining Team IMPACT seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved. I lost my mother after a long battle with Melanoma in 2010. I was able to experience firsthand the debilitating nature of this disease, which makes me even more passionate about working to increase education and prevention measures around Melanoma. After watching my mother experience this as a high school student – I understand how important initiatives around safe skin practices and other preventative measures can be. This is a cause that is incredibly close to my heart and one that I am honored to fundraise for and represent in the New York City Marathon.

How many marathons have you run in the past? What do you take away from these experiences?

I have run several half marathons and other events – but this will be my first marathon.

I know it’s hard to predict, but how do you think this particular run will stack up (from a philosophical/humanitarian/or just straight physical point of view)?

I think this run will be the most difficult but most rewarding run of my life. I have gotten goosebumps watching the NYC and Boston Marathons in the past, and to participate will be a dream come true. The most important part will be doing it in honor of my Mother, someone who was so important to me and so many other people. Running in the New York City Marathon feels like one of the best ways to remember her – her work ethic, competitive edge, and will to never give up is something that continues to push and inspire me every day. While I know the run itself will be difficult, having my family, friends, 100s of thousands of Native New Yorkers, and my mother’s support will help drive and inspire me throughout.

What is your personal stance / battle cry with regard to skin cancer and taking care of one’s skin?

Wear sunblock every day and make it part of your routine! No matter who you are and what you are doing. It is such an easy thing to do, and it is so incredibly important. Whether you are going to the beach in mid-August, or skiing the tundra in February, the sun exists, and it is incredibly important to take any precaution that you can.

What’s your pre-race ritual? Some sort of specific cuisine the night before? Specific stretching routine? Special socks? You tell us!

I am a creature of habit – and do the same thing the night before and morning of every race or long run. The night before is white pasta with tomato sauce and chicken sausage, with coconut water (no, any other sports drink will not suffice). The morning before is two slices of toast with PB and Banana. Preparation is everything, so I will also make sure that I lay out my clothes and fuel the night before. Nothing new on race day!

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