Maritza Arroyo-Herrera

When I first noticed a shadow on my left ring fingernail, I didn’t give it much thought. However, I grew concerned when 7-8 months later I noticed how much the nail had changed. I brought it up to the Mohs Surgeon I work with and he told me to “just observe it doesn’t look like much.” That was until a month later when the nail color drastically changed as did the texture of the nail. I showed another Dermatologist in the office who agreed with me that the nail should be biopsied. The results came back one week later as Malignant Melanoma/Acral Lentiginious Melanoma, thankfully in situ (stage 0). On July 6, 2020 I underwent my 1st Mohs surgery, the results came back residual melanoma. So I underwent another Mohs surgery. Finally, the margins came back clear. On July 17, I then had to have reconstructive surgery because 2/3 of my finger was gone. They had to do a cross over flap and skin graft. Thankfully I am now recovering. I just thank God that I was adamant about getting that biopsy done. I will now be monitored closely for the next 5 years. I look forward to sharing my story through IMPACT Melanoma’s Speaker’s Bureau to encourage others to get their annual skin checks and to trust your gut and get a second opinion if needed.