Bill Sandillo


Hi I’m coach Bill Sandillo and in July 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage-4 Melanoma and was given 6-months to live. The doctors found 6 tumors in my body but quickly grew to 10 tumors by the time I started my first treatment. Because there were limited treatment options for treating melanoma I started 20-year old outdated therapy. In the past 20-years very little was being done to find a cure for Melanoma. Doctors were just treating the disease with outdated therapies.

I had to quickly educate myself about this disease and later that year I found the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) and the information about a new clinical trial that I qualified for about a New Melanoma Therapy drug NOT yet approved by the FDA. I went on it and that therapy saved my life. To date I have had three surgeries to remove half my Lung, left Adrenal gland, 10-inches of my colon, and a Tumor at the base of my Brain. It is truly a miracle that I’m still alive, and I live with severe side effects every day. But having Cancer does not define who I am and no one can predict the spirit of the human mind and desire to survive. Over the last four years I have been on Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy to treat this disease. And my fight continues today.