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Skinny on Skin


When YOU stand out, that’s great. When a MOLE stands out, that’s trouble. Join the SKIN CREW, skin-aware professionals on the front line of cancer detection.

As some of the only professionals to closely examine skin on a regular basis, hair stylists, barbers, estheticians, nail technicians, bodyworkers, and others are in a unique position to spot melanoma on a client early. Based on the understanding that head and neck melanomas are particularly dangerous, The Skinny On Skin will teach you how to screen for suspicious moles* while performing common salon services. Become certified to offer this life-changing service for your customers.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, and can request a post course envelope with mirror clings, more information on how talk with your clients and more here!


*The Skinny On Skin training aims to educate health and skin professionals to recognize suspicious lesions on their clients’ skin and encourage their clients to seek medical care as needed from a dermatologist or other health professional for an official diagnosis.

Case Studies

What sort of impact does this program leave on your direct community, and, in turn, an extended network/community?


“The course was very helpful and I’m happy to have the opportunity to receive a certificate in this class. Now I am aware of the difference between normal spots and those that should be checked. I feel good having the training on how to talk with my customers without alarming them.”

“This training was very helpful and extremely easy to navigate through!”

“I now know how to broach the subject with my client without causing distress.”

“We loved every element of the program, it was fun and interactive.”

“I appreciate being more informed. Information is a powerful thing.”