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Serve Your Skin Tennis Tournament

IMPACT Melanoma is excited for the 2023 May Melanoma Awareness Month campaign, “Serve Your Skin” – a collaborative, nation-wide tennis tournament. Did you know May is also National Tennis month, too? The tournaments will take place at colleges and universities across the country. Through this exciting event, the recreational, collegiate, and professional tennis communities will share sun safety tips and alert players to protect their skin while playing their sports outside. This tournament will raise funds to support IMPACT Melanoma’s efforts to bring sunscreen dispensers, education, and necessary shade to areas of social and health injustice.

Meet the Founders of Serve Your Skin

The idea for this tournament came from M.D. Candidate Georgina Sellyn from Vanderbilt University and Sarah Millan, Resident at George Washington University, both with a passion for tennis and educating their communities on skin health safety on and off the court. We’re very excited to be hosting this brand new campaign alongside Georgina and Sarah so please join us in welcoming them to the IMPACT Melanoma Serve Your Skin Team!

Read the full blog here!

Interested in sponsoring a school or registering as a player?

Interested in hosting a Tournament?

 Expectations of hosting a tournament:

  1. 4-5 colleges or universities will organize their own doubles tennis tournament and register their event with Community Tennis Association (CTA). 
  2. Students agree to raise a minimum of $9,000.00.
  3. The Serve Your Skin Team will assist all participating schools/students with organizing tournaments at their schools.
  4. Attend monthly Zoom meetings.
  5. IMPACT Melanoma will provide sponsorship packages for each school, including goodie bags for players.

Serve Your Skin Team

Laurie Seavey – PSS Program Manager

Melissa Huette – PSS Project Manager

Amy Mason – Event Program Manager

Theresa Deer – Event Program Coordinator

Deb Girard – Executive Director

Georgina Sellyn – Tournament Chair

Sarah Millan – Tournament Vice Chair

Devin Crotzer – Tournament Advisory Chair

Monthly Zoom Meetings for Tennis Tournament

Who: Laurie, Melissa, Amy, Theresa, Georgina, Sarah and Devin

When: The fourth Monday of the month at 6:30pm.

Where: Click here to enter the Zoom meeting.

Why: This will be a great opportunity for you to share your progress each month, ask us questions or collaborate with other DIGA students.

FYI about these meetings:

  • These meetings will be recorded and available upon request.
  • If there are no participants by 6:45pm, we will end the meeting.

How do you serve your skin?

Giuliana Olmos

 Professional Tennis Player

Allison Riske

 Professional Tennis Player WTA Tour

Astra Sharma

 Professional Tennis Player

You are always welcome to email Laurie ( and Melissa ( with questions outside of these monthly meetings. If an individual meeting is needed, they will work with you to schedule one. 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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