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Walnut Creek, CA

In 2018, Lexie Choate-Bewley attended the Skin Inc. Face & Body Spa Conference Show and Expo in San Jose, California. At the show, she completed the certification for IMPACT Melanoma’s Skinny On Skin program.

Skinny On Skin is a prevention education program targeting professionals including estheticians, hair stylists, barbers, tattoo artists, and nail technicians who can be instrumental in the early detection of skin cancer including melanoma.

As a licensed esthetician for 14 years, Lexie learned of the program and signed up to complete the certification program while at the Face & Body conference.

Being Skinny On Skin Certified

Lexie described the Skinny On Skin program as empowering and moving. The training broadened her understanding of those most at risk of developing skin cancer; she was especially surprised to learn that melanoma is the second most common form of cancer among 15-29-year-olds and is not just limited to sun worshippers.

Within weeks of completing the Skinny On Skin Certification, Lexie noticed a spot on a client’s foot during a service. She was relieved to learn the spot was not new, but noted how much more comfortable and confident she felt speaking with her clients after the training program.

Since completing the certification, Lexie estimates she has recommended clients see a dermatologist a handful of times after noting a change or an unusual mark on the skin.

While she explains to her clients that she is not licensed to diagnose, she is mindful of noting any areas of concern or changes as part of a skin assessment and encourages other professionals to get certified.

Recently, one of Lexie‘s clients, whom she sees every six weeks, came in for a service. While treating the client, she noticed a small change on the client’s chin. Once she pointed it out, the client confirmed she could feel something but had not previously noticed it. Lexie recommended she book an appointment to see her dermatologist to get it checked out and was happy to receive a text from the client shortly after, sharing that an appointment had been made. Come to find out, the skin change was diagnosed as early-stage basil cell carcinoma. The client’s dermatologist described Lexie as ‘your guardian angel’, given how early the skin cancer was detected.  Both the dermatologist and client were grateful that Lexi was trained and certified to identify skin changes and encourage a visit to the dermatologist.

Thank you to Lexie as she is enabling early detection of skin changes that can save lives. She is making an IMPACT and we are so grateful to her and all the Certified Skinny On Skin professionals across the country.

Learn more about IMPACT Melanoma’s Skinny On Skin prevention education

Program or find a virtual or in-person training event to become certified.

You can also complete the online Skinny On Skin certification program.

While I always hope there is nothing wrong when advising a client to get checked by a dermatologist, I am grateful to be Skinny on Skin Certified to promote early detection. I feel empowered and confident in what to look for and how to speak with my client. I highly recommend IMPACT Melanoma’s Skinny on Skin certification.

Lexie Choate-Bewley

Licensed Esthetician and owner of Skin by Lexie

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