New York City Parks and Recreation

NYC Parks and Recreation Department partner in melanoma prevention

Practice Safe Skin


Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens, NY


In 2023, a leader from the New York City Parks and Recreation reached out to IMPACT Melanoma to help them develop and manage a sunscreen program across the boroughs’ public beaches for summer 2023. The goal was to provide access to free sunscreen and to provide prevention education about the importance of using sunscreen (30 SPF or higher) to prevent skin cancer.

They sought a partner to determine the number of sunscreen dispensers for each public beach and to work with the Park Borough Managers on the location of each dispenser. For the program’s success, ongoing maintenance was essential to keep the sunscreen dispensers clean and filled with sunscreen.

Partnering with IMPACT Melanoma

Laurie Seavey at IMPACT Melanoma worked with the Commissioner, his team, and the Park Borough managers to plan and implement Practice Safe Skin for New York Parks and Recreation Department.

Elements of the Practice Safe Skin Program included:

  • Site planning and location including recommendation for number of dispensers per public beach.
  • Production of signage with NYC Parks & Recreation logo and messaging about sunscreen use to accompany each sunscreen dispenser
  • Installation of sunscreen dispensers with signage
  • Ongoing maintenance of sunscreen dispensers throughout the summer including refills of sunscreen.
  • End of season reporting to review the results and impact of the program.


The inaugural year of NYC Parks and Recreation partnering with IMPACT Melanoma was a resounding success. Park Borough Managers were thrilled to have clean and operational sunscreen dispensers and beach visitors were pleasantly surprised to find access to free sunscreen, whether to use as an initial application or to reapply while enjoying one of the beaches.

  • 56 sunscreen dispensers were strategically located at eight city beaches in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens.
    • Brooklyn – Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, and Brighton Beach
    • Bronx – Orchard Beach
    • Staten Island – Woodland Beach, Midland Beach, and Wolfe’s Pond
    • Queens – Rockaway Beach
  • High engagement – 90 second engagement for each application of sunscreen
  • 242 liters of sunscreen dispensed
  • 145,200 applications of sunscreen
  • 11,000,000 impressions by people who visited the beaches from June to September.

Anecdotal benefits of the program included the benefit of access to free sunscreen and the increased awareness of the importance of protecting one’s skin from harmful UV rays.

NYC Parks and Recreation Department partner in melanoma prevention
Practice Safe Skin
Be SunSafe 365