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Colleen Large is the Director of Esthetics Education at South Carolina’s Kenneth Shuler School for Cosmetology. As a skin cancer survivor, Large is transparent about her story and resulting scar to illustrate the disfiguring realities of skin cancer, no matter the type. She considers skin cancer awareness integral to her responsibilities and is keen to impart that responsibility on Kenneth Shuler’s cosmetology students.

Partnering with IMPACT Melanoma

After attending IMPACT Melanoma’s Skinny on Skin certification training in 2019, Colleen integrated the Skinny on Skin program into the school’s curriculum, educating cosmetology students on how to recognize skin changes that may be signs of skin cancer. The certification program has been embraced by the school’s instructors and students to learn what to look for, as well as how best to suggest a client seek medical advice.


Thanks to the school’s partnership with IMPACT Melanoma, Large is educating the school’s cosmetology students so, as they launch their careers, they can play an important role in noticing skin changes that may be signs of skin cancer and ultimately save lives.

A well-respected and popular institution, the Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology has eight locations in South Carolina, with an average of 95-170 students at each site. As these students launch their careers, the number of clients positively affected becomes significant.

By integrating the Skinny on Skin Program, Colleen Large and the Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology provides impactful prevention education to its students.

Skinny On Skin
Every one person educated can be one person saved, and although one person at a time is slow, it is steady.
Colleen Large

Director of Esthetics Education

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