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Sharon Clohesy, owner of Hair and Scalp 360, is a certified trichologist, licensed cosmetologist, and licensed educator. As a trichologist, Sharon is a specialist in diseases of the hair and scalp and associated treatments. Her expertise enables her to offer her clients services beyond the traditional cut or color. Sharon had recommended two of her clients seek medical attention after she identified suspicious growths on their scalp. It turned out both of her clients were diagnosed with skin cancer. Their doctors commended their hair stylist (Clohesy) for detecting the change and encouraging them to see a doctor.

Shortly after, Sharon received a postcard mailer from IMPACT Melanoma. The postcard introduced Skinny on Skin, their free certification program focused on early detection intended for a broad base of professionals who work on an individual’s skin, including, but not limited to, barbers, tattoo artists, hair stylists, masseuses, and estheticians. Her clients’ recent experiences were top of mind, and she realized how important a role she and others could have in early detection of skin cancer. Sharon was all-in and signed up for Skinny on Skin.

Partnering with IMPACT Melanoma

Sharon attended the Skinny on Skin free certification program and has become an advocate for the program. She refers other hair stylists to the certification program and is passionate about the value that such a program has in helping professionals learn both how to identify skin changes and how to speak with their client to recommend seeing a doctor.
She acknowledges that one of the barriers preventing barbers, cosmetologists, and stylists from approaching clients about suspicious looking spots on their skin is a lack of information and the confidence to do so. While she is a licensed trichologist, she understands that others may not have had additional training to identify skin changes or growths. She highly recommends the Skinny on Skin program as the tool in their arsenal that can empower them with the knowledge and poise to have these critical conversations.

As a licensed educator, Sharon discussed the Skinny on Skin certification program in all her classes. Her students get excited about the program, often pulling up the information on their phones during her class.


For Sharon, she likes working with IMPACT Melanoma because the course has beneficial information that hair stylists and other professionals looking at their clients’ skin need to know. As stylists, they are already working on their clients’ hair and scalp more so than any other profession out there. Sharon acknowledges the important role that barbers and stylists play as the frontline in early detection and keeping their clients healthy.

Sharon advocates for industry participation in the Skinny on Skin program, ensuring that her students and colleagues are aware that it exists, while encouraging them to take advantage of it. She explains that, while cosmetologists are not medical professionals and, therefore, not in a position to diagnose anyone, the information to recognize a potential problem and make the referral to a medical practitioner can make their job more rewarding because it positions them all to save a life.

While the full impact of Sharon taking the course, referring others to get certified, and sharing in all her courses is not easy to quantify, there is little doubt the impact that Sharon has made is incredible.

IMPACT Melanoma is thrilled that Sharon read the postcard and is helping achieve the mission of eradicating melanoma through prevention and early detection.

Imagine the impact as the ripple effect continues with more stylists and barbers who see their clients every 4-6 weeks being able to identify a change and recommend their client see a doctor. The numbers would be huge!

Skinny On Skin
…having a base of knowledge is infinitely beneficial. I see my clients every four to six weeks, so I know if something looks different and what doesn’t…This program is exactly what we need.
Sharon Clohesy


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