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For more than a decade, Castle Biosciences has been supportive of IMPACT Melanoma and its mission. IMPACT Melanoma is grateful for their ongoing support and partnership that continues to expand with initiatives across the United States.

Real partnerships start with a common goal and one of Castle Biosciences’ clinical focus areas is dermatology. Castle Biosciences’ continued advancements in innovative tests (including melanoma) that deliver personalized data for informed clinical care are closely aligned with IMPACT Melanoma’s goal of reducing the incidences of melanoma and saving lives.

Partnering with IMPACT Melanoma

As a Partner in Prevention, Castle Biosciences’ relationship incorporates many
of our programs with a focus on expanding geographically.

Practice Safe Skin

Practice Safe Skin

In 2023, the CEO of Castle Biosciences, Derek Maetzold, sought to involve IMPACT Melanoma in sponsoring the Texas MS 150. A Texas native, Derek wanted to support this annual event in College Station. Castle sponsored the event and IMPACT Melanoma provided more than a dozen sunscreen dispensers throughout the route, providing access to free sunscreen for all, including cyclists and spectators.

A year later, Castle is now a Bronze Sponsor of the Texas MS 150 event and IMPACT Melanoma is the official sunscreen sponsor of the Texas MS 150. Learn more here.

Next Stop:  Taking Sun Safety to Friendswood, Texas

Maetzold’s next goal was to bring Sun Safety to the city where Castle’s corporate headquarters is located, Friendswood, Texas.

Stakeholders in Friendswood, Texas: City of Friendswood, TX Mayor and City Manager and Director of Parks and Recreation.

Sole Sponsor: Castle Biosciences

The Practice Safe Skin program is the anchor program for Sun Safety in Friendswood, Texas. Starting with a ceremony in May 2024, the program will include sunscreen dispensers dispersed throughout the community providing access to free sunscreen to increase awareness of protecting one’s skin from harmful UV rays.

Prevention education programs will reach camp age children as Camp Kits will be distributed including activities, UV beads, UV Frisbees, and prevention education materials for parents and children to be sun safe.

Safe Skin at Work

Save Skin at Work

Safe Skin at Work will also be part of the Friendswood rollout as sun protective clothing and accessories will be provided to park and rec workers as well as city workers.

Given outdoor workers have a significantly increased risk of skin cancer, the UPF clothing will protect the workers and increase awareness of being sun safe.


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Shade can be an effective way to protect one’s skin from UV rays. The Friendswood Sun safety program will provide portable shade 10×10 tents in the community.

No Sun for Babies

No Sun for Babies

Parents and caregivers of babies will receive No Sun for Babies prevention education materials and UPF protective blankets to remind parents of an infant’s sensitive skin and the importance of avoiding sun exposure.

Additionally, Castle Biosciences is a sponsor of many of our annual events including, but not limited to, sponsoring our runners who run for Team IMPACT at the Boston Marathon, our annual Shades of Hope gala, and our annual Hosted Survivors Symposium which is held every May during Melanoma Awareness month.


Castle Biosciences is leading innovative testing including tests for melanoma; their role as a Partner in Prevention with IMPACT Melanoma is greatly raising awareness of the importance of being SunSafe 365 while also providing access to free sunscreen, protecting outdoor workers, and providing educational materials and UPF protective blankets to parents of infants. The reach of Castle’s generosity expands from infant to adult, from Boston, MA to Friendswood, Texas and will soon be expanding to Phoenix, Arizona.

IMPACT Melanoma is proud to be associated with a company who is focused on informing clinical care decisions with individual information. Their focus on the individual human being is one of many strong connections between our organizations.

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with IMPACT Melanoma, a collaboration driven by our shared commitment to improving patient care and advancing skin cancer awareness and prevention. Together, Castle Biosciences and IMPACT Melanoma aim to make a lasting impact on the fight against melanoma, leveraging our collective resources and expertise to promote education, early detection, and support for those affected by the disease.
Derek Maetzold

Founder, President & CEO

Be SunSafe 365