Our programs save lives.

Our programs make an IMPACT and we can track and report the IMPACT they make.

Increase Awareness

Increase awareness

Sunscreen dispenser

Increase Prevention

Promote Early Detection

Increase Early Detection

Save lives

Save lives

An Overview of Our Programs

Practice Safe Skin

Practice Safe Skin: awareness, education and access to sunscreen is included in our comprehensive sunscreen dispenser program. Community partners such as parks & recreation along with corporate sponsors can reach large audiences at beaches, parks, and in urban areas. Practice Safe Skin is further extended to outdoor workers with prevention education programs. Learn more

No Sun for Babies

No Sun for Babies: a prevention education program to increase awareness and educate caregivers and new parents about the importance of protecting sensitive infant skin from the sun. Learn more

Impact Shade logo

IMPACT Shade: shade is important to our health and can protect us from cancer causing UV rays. IMPACT Shade offers corporate sponsors and community leaders the opportunity to provide portable shade in communities, particularly in urban areas. As part of IMPACT Shade, we seek to partner with architects, urban planners and community leaders to incorporate shade into urban development projects. Learn more

Skinny On Skin

Skinny on Skin: a prevention education program targeting professionals (e.g., hair stylists, tattoo artists, nail techs) who can be instrumental in the early detection of skin cancer including melanoma. Learn more

Your Skin is In

Your Skin Is In: an award-winning prevention education program encouraging middle, high school, and college students to protect their skin and avoid tanning beds. Learn more

Why IMPACT Melanoma and our programs?

Customized and Integrated


Customized programs to achieve your goals.


We work with you to integrate any or all the above programs into your community efforts.


We offer program management and ongoing coordination.

Watch this video to learn more.

Providing free sunscreen to the public is such an incredible amenity, especially in this bustling area of the park where people play and cool off in the Rings Fountain. The IMPACT Melanoma Team is professional, communicative, and a joy to work.
– Olivia Horte, Program Manager

Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Sunscreen dispenser
Use of sunscreen reduces the risk of melanoma by 50%.
Tree shade
Shade protects us from harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer.
Ages 15-29

Melanoma is the second highest cancer among 15–29-year-olds.

Early detection of melanoma

Early detection is essential.

Learn about our Skinny on Skin Program.

IMPACT Melanoma testimonial

I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma the summer before my senior year of high school. At the time I had no idea what melanoma was. My mom noticed an irregular mole on my back while, ironically, applying sunscreen.

– Katie Nehring

SunSafe 360 Summer - IMPACT Melanoma