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Forward-thinking cities, citizens, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all shapes and sizes can make a positive impact on the health of their community by installing convenient and attractive sunscreen dispensers in high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces. Thanks to the partnership with BrightGuard, IMPACT Melanoma and its Practice Safe Skin program has installed over 4,000 sunscreen dispensers in a variety of public and private settings making sun protection readily available. Our accomplishments even caught the attention of NBC Nightly News.


The Sun is the limit

Along with the acquisition and implementation of our sunscreen dispenser units, Practice Safe Skin works with you to educate your entire community about utilizing the advantageous benefits of having sunscreen at the disposal of all community members. This means working directly with townsfolk such as local municipalities, from schools, healthcare professionals, parks and recreation staff, and parents – whoever wishes to be involved is welcome to be involved. The more people we can get working together on the same page to help spread skincare and sun safety awareness, the better. IMPACT Melanoma’s array of educational programs will fully bolster the experience of your sunscreen dispenser install. Feel free to ask us any questions and take full advantage of the resources we have for you to use.

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Get Smart about Sunscreen

On a state and federal level, public Parks and Recreation facilities are the ideal location for our fleet of sunscreen dispensers. To date we’ve worked with a number of cities and aided in the installation of dispensers in such areas as Boston, New York City, Gainesville, and Tampa. High traffic areas are ideal for sunscreen dispensers as those utilizing them may have forgotten sunscreen at home, or may need a reminder that sun safety is vitally important.

Aquatic Centers

Bike Paths

Hiking Trails

Sporting complexes and events are endless, yearlong endeavors that host athletes and spectators of all ages for hours on end. Majority of these gatherings happen in areas and complexes that are open to the elements, and thus, exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays is unavoidable. The placement of our sunscreen dispensers at sporting events, and permanent installs in applicable complexes/facilities makes perfect sense for all involved.

Soccer Fields
Football Fields

Baseball Fields

Track & Field
Golf Courses

From K-12 to colleges and universities around the country – educational facilities are an ideal location for our sunscreen dispenser units. Not only that, but IMPACT also has award-winning supporting educational programming and tools to educate faculty and students on proper skincare tactics and the usages of implemented automatic sunscreen dispensers, which adds great benefit to the health of everyone walking around campus. The idea is to make sun safety practice a daily routine such as brushing one’s teeth. Getting schools and universities involved at a grassroots, educational (“exposure”) level is a great stride in that development.

Sports/Recreation Facilities
High Traffic Areas on Campus
Nurse/Doctor Office
IMPACT Melanoma has done a lot of work in terms of educating the masses about the importance of sun safety in spots around the country – from healthcare facilities such as hospitals and doctors offices to slightly more “unconventional” spots from car dealerships to shopping complexes. The point is, there is no bad spot for a sunscreen dispenser. Wherever they exist they demand attention and draw utilization. If you’re a healthcare facility, it makes perfect sense to add a dispenser or dispensers to your grounds. Not only are they utilized by patients, but your employees will take advantage of them as well. Further, if you’re a commercial/corporate decision maker, think about the positive PR you’ll receive in the vein of being a solid humanitarian. That’s a win-win. Sponsoring the installation of sunscreen dispensers throughout your community is a positive impact from multiple vantage points.
Healthcare Facilities
Cancer Gardens
Employee Lounges
We’ve recently focused a fair amount of attention on fostering the growth of outdoor worker utilization with portable sunscreen dispensers around the worksite. Construction companies of all sizes can greatly benefit from the initiation of our portable automatic dispensers which can be easily moved around on the current worksite, or future locations as well. Outdoor workers from construction to road maintenance are up against the beating sun for hours on end. It’s vital that they protect their skin, and what better way than to have it at the ready, whenever they need it?
Construction Sites
Police & Fire
Crossing Guards
Road Maintenance Crews
We love working with our fellow non-profit organizations. From partnerships with fellow cancer fighting agencies to children’s museums and performing arts organizations – the installation of IMPACT’s sunscreen dispensers is not limited to any preconceived geographic locale. It’s a tool designed to grab attention, and, quite frankly, the sun is everywhere, so having vast saturation is key. If you are indeed a fellow non-profit interested in utilizing one or more of these dispensers, let’s have a conversation and see how we can mutually benefit from an acquisition and talk some about how to involve your local community as well.
Tyler Weymouth Memorial Foundation


Science matters. Check out the following informative studies which help educate the public about melanoma and skin cancer across the globe.







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