Practice Safe Skin

Practice Safe Skin
Practice Safe Skin is IMPACT Melanoma’s anchor program that increases awareness of the importance of being sun safe, includes skin cancer prevention education and provides access to free sunscreen.
Increase Awareness


Sunscreen dispenser

Increase Prevention

Save lives

Save Lives

Did you know?


Having more than 5 sunburns doubles your chance of a malignant melanoma.


Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.


Approximately one person dies of melanoma in the US every hour.

Ages 15-29

Melanoma is the second highest cancer for 15-29-year-olds.

Regular use of SPF 30 sunscreen or higher reduces the risk of skin cancer by 50%.

Practice Safe Skin to Get Your Community Sun-Safe


Our anchor program is a comprehensive sunscreen dispenser program. Free sunscreen is made available in a wide variety of locations including parks and beaches with signage and messaging to promote sun safety.


Why IMPACT Melanoma and Practice Safe Skin?

Customized and Integrated


Customized to achieve your goals.



We work with you to integrate Practice Safe Skin into your community efforts.


We provide program management and ongoing coordination, so sunscreen dispensers are maintained, kept clean and refilled.

Components of Our Practice Safe Skin Program

Practice Safe Skin Components


We believe sunscreen should be equally accessible to everyone. This program provides equal access.


Prevention education is paramount, so people learn the dangers of exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Marketing ROI

The program offers a significant marketing opportunity for partners.

  • Wide reach through highly trafficked areas
  • High engagement
  • High retention of messaging
  • Positive brand association


Our team works with you to identify locations, coordinate, and integrate this program into other related efforts linked to community health and wellness initiatives.

The IMPACT of Practice Safe Skin

Throughout the country

Thousands of sunscreen dispensers

From urban areas to public beaches

Practice Safe Skin sunscreen dispensers across USA

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Decline in Melanoma Deaths in Northeast Attributed to IMPACT Melanoma’s Practice Safe Skin program

Sunscreen dispenser on L.L. Bean Beach Box

The sunscreen dispensers were a great addition to our Beach Boxes, thank you for helping us protect our customers. We never ran out of sunscreen and that’s impressive considering we had thousands of people using our beach supplies each week. In Revere, MA, there were close to a million people on the beach during their sandcastle event and many utilized your sunscreen dispenser, a necessity that many forget, and they often overlook the importance of using sunscreen.

– Bill Yeo, Community Engagement Coordinator, L.L. Bean

A Sample List of Partners in Prevention Incorporating Practice Safe Skin

Practice Safe Skin partner Albany, NY
Bronson Health Foundation
Practice Safe Skin partner Beverly Hills
Practice Safe Skin partner Worcester, MA
Practice Safe Skin partner Dartmouth Cancer Center
Practice Safe Skin partner Harvard School of Public Health
Practice Safe Skin partner Mass. General Brigham
Practice Safe Skin partner North Shore Community Health
Practice Safe Skin partner Penn. Dept. of Health
Practice Safe Skin partner South Fork
Practice Safe Skin partner West Virginia Health Right
Practice Safe Skin partner Wyoming Cancer Center
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