Piction Health Prioritizes Rapid and Responsive Dermatological Care Using AI

Aug 21, 2023

The IMPACT Melanoma team is particularly pleased to feature this exciting innovation in the field of dermatology. At the helm of Piction Health is CEO Susan Conover, a melanoma survivor who was diagnosed with melanoma when she was 22 years old. 

Now cancer-free, her personal experience inspired her to take action and accelerate access to care for dermatology patients… or those waiting to be. Reflecting on the reality of the demand for dermatological care, Conover says, “The more I learned, the more concerned I got.”

Putting time back on your side

Right now, the wait for a dermatology consult averages anywhere from three to six months. Those who have experience with any form of cancer know that these waits can compromise effective diagnoses and the speedy treatment they require. Simply put, waiting is not an option. 

Enter Piction Health, a virtual first dermatology practice that launched in January of 2023 when top dermatologists came together to give patients a better experience. Since opening its cyber doors, Piction Health has doubled its practice every month and features the largest photo database in the world of dermatological concerns and conditions. 

Conover explains:

“We’ve built the largest, most actionable database in the world of photos of skin diseases, across all skin tones. This has helped us build our AI that’s on-par with a dermatologist in evaluating skin conditions. We’re incorporating this AI into our workflow to enable our dermatologists to manage many more patients. From our modeling we believe we can help our dermatologists manage 15X more patients with AI enablement. This includes things like routing the right case to the right provider at the right time, more scalable patient communications, and other applications that help us make the care experience for patients and providers more streamlined while ensuring every patient gets expert-level care.”

Prioritizing rapid and responsive care, Piction Health operates by the 2-2 rule. Patients who request an appointment are seen, virtually, within two days and get in-person care when needed within two weeks.  

Piction Health saved time, helped my condition, and conveniently ordered prescriptions. Excellent manners, no wait-time.” – Dionysios, Massachusetts

Currently, Piction Health offers telehealth dermatology to residents in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. 

Unlike real estate, location doesn’t matter

Conover explained an interesting, albeit frustrating reality when it comes to finding a dermatologist; location has little to do with it. In other words, even if the density of dermatologists is higher in a specific area compared to another, let’s say Boston, MA, compared to Concord, NH, the number of dermatologists doesn’t necessarily correlate with availability. 

Perhaps this is one reason why Piction Health is enjoying such well-deserved success and growing quickly. No matter where in those four states you happen to live, the 2-2 rule still applies. 

Got easy, quick scheduling and diagnosis at home. The dermatologist was kind, thoughtful, and helpful.” – Clem, New Hampshire 

If you’re interested in learning more about Piction Health, visit their website and check out this complete list of conditions the Piction Health team diagnoses and treats, along with their current locations


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