Wanted: Partners in Prevention to Save Lives.

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We need more Partners in Prevention to…

Increase Awareness

Increase awareness

Promote Early Detection

Promote early detection

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Prevent skin cancer

Save lives

And save lives

Number 5

Having more than 5 sunburns doubles your chance of malignant melanoma.


Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.


Melanoma kills on average 1 person an hour in the U.S.

Ages 15-29

Melanoma is the second highest cancer among 15-29-year-olds.

At risk groups

White men over 50

People of color

Families with melanoma history

Partners in Prevention

The Opportunity to Make an IMPACT

Customized and Integrated


Customized programs branded for awareness.



Integrated with other community and corporate efforts to achieve IMPACT.



Program management and ongoing coordination for sustainable results.

Three Partners in Prevention Levels




To meet your goals and your budget, we customize the elements to maximize your reach and IMPACT. The anchor of all Partner in Prevention Levels is our Practice Safe Skin program.

SPF 30

Regular use of SPF 30 sunscreen or higher reduces the risk of skin cancer by 50%.

Skinny On Skin
Safe Skin at Work
Practice Safe Skin
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No Sun for Babies
Your Skin is In

Prevention education is essential to our efforts.

Sunscreen dispenser

Access to free sunscreen is paramount.

Tree shade

Shade protects us from harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer.

UPF shirt

UPF clothing blocks harmful UV rays.

Urban areas lack shade to block UV rays

Many urban areas lack natural tree shade.

Portable shade to protect from UV rays

Portable shade solutions offer an affordable option for ST needs.

Early detection of melanoma

Early detection is essential.

The program left me passionate about what I can do to share the information with others and potentially save lives.

– Skinny on Skin Certified Professional

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