No Sun for Babies

Sun safety begins at birth.

Keep Babies Sun Safe


Baby’s skin is more delicate and thinner than skin of older children and adults.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under 6 months old are kept away from direct sunlight.


A sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is preferred. Consult with your pediatrician prior to choosing sunscreen for your baby.

Did You Know?


One blistering sunburn during childhood nearly doubles one’s risk of developing melanoma.


Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.


Approximately one person dies of melanoma in the US every hour.

Tree shade

Shade provides protection from harmful UV rays.

Babies with sun protection
No Sun for Babies
No Sun for Babies is a prevention education program to increase awareness and educate caregivers and new parents about the importance of protecting sensitive infant skin from the sun.
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Wanted: Partners in Prevention

Partners in skin cancer prevention

We need Partners in Prevention – organizations and businesses – to sponsor our No Sun for Babies program so that public health organizations, maternal health services, and other agencies can provide No Sun for Babies Packages to new parents.

With your support, families and caregivers learn the importance of being sun safe while protecting their baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays starting at birth.

Sponsoring No Sun for Babies increases your brand awareness, provides positive association of your brand, and achieves the following:

Increase Awareness

Increase Awareness


Prevent Skin Cancer

Save lives

Save Lives

Partial List of Partners in Prevention for No Sun for Babies Program

Emerson Hospital
Wyoming Dept. of Health

An Essential Partner in the No Sun for Babies Program

Be SunSafe babies

Parents and Caregivers Corner

As you care for your baby, remember to be sun safe.

3 ways to protect babies from the Sun's harmful UV rays


Baby’s skin is thinner and more delicate than older children and adults. A sunburned baby is not a happy baby. Keep the baby in the shade.


Dehydration can cause exhaustion and heatstroke. Breast milk or formula has all the nutrients and fluids necessary to keep your baby hydrated.


Keep babies out of direct sun. Sun protective clothing and a wide-brimmed hat are a must. Parents and caregivers, these tiny humans depend on you.

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Baby covered from the sun

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