Meet Macy Dyson, Our Featured Your Skin Is In Ambassador

May 3, 2023

As one of IMPACT Melanoma’s esteemed Your Skin Is In Ambassadors, 12-year-old Macy Dyson purchased a second sunscreen dispenser and devotes her time to educating those even younger than she is about the importance of skin cancer prevention. 

Check out more about Macy and the Your Skin Is In (YSII) Ambassador program… you might even know of a good candidate to send our way!

What Does it Mean to be a Your Skin Is In Ambassador? 

As a nonprofit with an urgent public health message, education is central to our success. That’s why we created the Your Skin Is In (YSII) Ambassador program

For over a decade now, we at IMPACT Melanoma have – along with our loyal pool of advocates – exposed over a million students to our award-winning, Your Skin Is In educational program. Middle school, high school and college students are able to apply right here for a scholarship through our ambassador program and teachers who use the eLearning lesson in their classroom can apply for a stipend. It’s very cool, very effective, and yet another way we’re getting our greater community (on a national level) involved with healthy, safe skin practices.

As a YSII Ambassador, Macy, now Preteen Miss Heartland-Princess of America, has introduced the YSII curriculum to both her school and pageant groups. 

We cannot wait to see Macy at Nationals in July, where she will speak about skin cancer prevention. 

In the meantime, Macy recently completed a visit to her younger brother’s school, where she introduced his class, and a couple of other second-grade classes, to the importance of skin cancer prevention. 

Reading from George the Sun Safe Superstar, Macy was able to teach these students some important strategies for how to keep their skin safe from the harmful effects of the sun. 

Curious about George? 

Download the PDF version of his story right here:

Macy also handed out IMPACT Melanoma goodies, including coloring sheets, UV color changing bracelets, and chapsticks. 

Want to learn more about Macy and help empower her efforts as a YSII Ambassador?

Follow her on social media by liking her Facebook page, TAN – Taking Action Now to Protect Our Skin Later

Do you know a teacher or student in middle school, high school or college who would make a tremendous YSII Ambassador? 

Invite them to apply here


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