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Our Story

IMPACT Melanoma is the nation’s leading non-profit dedicated to melanoma prevention and early detection.

Our team is passionate. Our purpose is clear. And most importantly, our programs save lives. What started as the Massachusetts Melanoma Foundation in 1999 has expanded throughout the United States. While our operation has grown, our dedication stays singularly focused: to create a future where the consequences of melanoma become a thing of the past.

Real world solutions. Right now.

Unlike other non-profits working to combat melanoma, funding basic medical research is not our goal. While research is undoubtedly important, we concentrate on applying the vast scientific knowledge already proven about melanoma, and securing the resources to make an immediate impact. Not in the future. Not tomorrow. Today. Our innovative programs and strategic partnerships with donors and sponsors help reduce incidence rates and the human costs of all types of skin cancer. If you, or someone you love, is affected by this deadly disease, you are not alone. IMPACT Melanoma is here to support you.

Here’s what we know today.

Melanoma is the fastest-growing cancer in the US. There is a notion that skin cancer is not as serious as other cancers, but in reality melanoma takes the life of one person every hour. That’s serious. And melanoma does not discriminate. It does not care how old you are, what your economic status is, or even what color your skin is. The second most common form of cancer in people aged 15-29, this is definitely not just an “old person’s disease.”

Here is the good news. Unlike many other cancers, we already know how to prevent most cases of melanoma through early detection, prevention and education. As with smoking and lung cancer, there is an established link between ultraviolet rays and skin cancer, so we can reduce rates today by simply educating the public about the dangers of sun and UV exposure. Despite this knowledge, skin cancer rates continue to escalate, and it demands action.

Improving Melanoma Prevention,
through Awareness, Care & Teaching

IMPACT Melanoma – a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization – provides education, prevention, and support for the most serious form of skin cancer. We are wholly dedicated to reducing the incidence of melanoma through a variety of award winning prevention and early detection programs, and providing support to patients and families who are struggling with the disease.

A Medical Advisory Board and Board of Directors comprised of business people, healthcare professionals, and leading melanoma specialists provide guidance to IMPACT. Our fundraising events provide funding for education and support programs aimed at prevention, early detection, and support.

Affiliations & Endorsements:

  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
  • Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA
  • Horizon Health Illinois
  • Maine Cancer Foundation
  • Melanoma Action Coalition
  • National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention
  • National Parks and Recreations
  • Northside Hospital Atlanta, GA
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • Skanska USA


Science matters. Check out the following informative studies which help educate the public about melanoma and skin cancer across the globe.







Reduced Melanoma After Regular Sunscreen Use: Randomized Trial Follow-Up

Perception a key factor in sunscreen habits

Your Brand, Your Community:
Driving Results with IMPACT

Unique opportunities. Marketing platform

  • Onsite events and programs branding
  • E-learning
  • Social Media/Branding
  • Media events
  • Sunscreen Dispenser programs

IMPACT Melanoma media platform provides free sunscreen as a catalyst to start interaction with target rich markets that leads to users experiencing the advertisement in a new and impactful way.

UCLA campaign provided sunscreen to approx. 146K individuals in a four month period.

Press coverage resulted in a potential audience of over 258 million, and garnered new followers across social media channels.

Creating Marketing IMPACT
with Your Brand in Your Community

Partnering with IMPACT Melanoma helps raise brand awareness and leverages marketing opportunities through our programs. Those who work with us create a buzz in their community and get their brand in front of more eyes.

  • Over 5000 units across 48 states
  • Over 5 million slathered in Sunscreen
  • Over 2 million Students reached through the Your Skin Is In program
  • With the IMPACT Melanoma Skinny On Skin 1,000’s of beauty professionals trained
  • Through our Safe Skin at Work program, our partners now have employees actively using sunscreen on our outdoor projects. A big part of that success was do to educating their workforce about the dangers of melanoma.

When it comes to making your community sun-safe, we’ve got you covered. Let’s work together to bring life-saving sunscreen dispensers and Sun Safety Stations to your town today!

#PracticeSafeSkin #SPFisYourBFF 

Skin is Your Largest Organ:
Keep it Safe!

Forward-thinking cities, citizens, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all shapes and sizes can make a positive impact on the health of their community by installing convenient and attractive sunscreen dispensers in high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces. IMPACT Melanoma and its Practice Safe Skin program has installed over 4,000 sunscreen dispensers in a variety of public and private settings making sun protection readily available. Our accomplishments even caught the attention of NBC Nightly News.


These weather-resistant, low maintenance dispensers provide free sunscreen and help increase sun safety awareness throughout our host communities. Partnering with our Practice Safe Skin program grants you access to all of our educational initiatives which have helped to prevent melanoma for over 20 years.

“Regular sunscreen use is known to prevent melanoma.”

Keeping Outdoor Workers Sun Safe

Did you know that outdoor workers receive up to 8 times more UV radiation than indoor workers and have a 60% greater risk of developing skin cancer? In light of this problem, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recognized that safe workplaces promote ways to protect workers’ skin from harmful UV radiation.


IMPACT Melanoma is at the forefront of efforts to make outdoor workers safe in the sun and smart about protecting their skin on the job. Our innovative Safe Skin at Work program offers on-site and digital training and support to construction companies, DPWs, Parks and Recreation personnel, and other businesses who employ outdoor workers. We equip workplaces with our hands-free sunscreen dispensers, which are customizable and adaptable to work in a variety of settings around the workplace, including trucks for mobile sun safety. We coach business owners and safety officers to create workplace policies and practices which protect their workers from painful sunburns and dangerous skin cancer. We educate workers about the risks of UV radiation and how to protect themselves on the job by making sunscreen and protective clothing part of their Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”).

Employee will participate in Pre and Post training evaluation to provide Employers with valuable information to evaluate worksite sun-safety measures and preventative strategies on the work site.

“Sunscreen dispensers have made such a difference in our outdoor projects. We now have workers asking for sunscreen dispensers and actively using sunscreen on our outdoor projects. A big part of that success is educating our workforce about the dangers of melanoma.”

Want to bring Safe Skin to your workplace?

Sun Protection For Life

Did you know? Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. It only takes one blistering sunburn during childhood to nearly double a person’s chance of developing melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer—in their lifetime.

Join us today in providing new parents UPF clothing and sun safety tips needed to protect their newborns (0-6 months) from ultraviolet light. We’ll be delivering this sun protective clothing and invaluable education opportunity as they depart participating hospitals.


• Baby’s skin is more delicate & thinner than older children and adults

• The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that younger babies – under 6 months – be kept away from direct sunlight.

• A sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is preferred. Please consult with physician prior to choosing a sunscreen.


By sponsoring our No Sun for Babies Program as one of our coveted partners in prevention, you’ll not only be doing a world of good with regard to creating skincare awareness for families, you’ll also be helping to save lives and create healthy sun protective routines that a newborn, and their parents, can continue to grow with.

Provide Life-Saving Education
to Your School

Your Skin Is In is an educational program for middle schools, high schools and colleges that encourages teens and young adults to make a personal promise that they will protect the skin they’re in. IMPACT Melanoma has exposed almost a million students to this award-winning program.

There’s been a long running myth in our culture that tans make you look good, but tanning in fact is detrimental to your health. Using indoor tanning beds before the age of 35 may increase your risk of melanoma by 75 percent. This risk only increases with each additional use. To combat this myth, IMPACT launched Your Skin Is In to educate our nation’s youth about how to protect their skin from harmful UV radiation and love the skin they’re in.

“Melanoma accounts for 5% of all skin cancers and 71% of all skin cancer deaths. It is estimated that one in every 50 Americans is diagnosed with melanoma.”

IMPACT Melanoma has partnered with The Indoor Tan-Free Skin Smart Campus Initiative which encourages U.S. universities and colleges to promote skin cancer prevention policies and education on campus. Learn more about incorporating this initiative on your campus here!

  • Received the prestigious Gold Triangle Award
    from the American Academy of Dermatology
  • Reached almost 1 million students nationwide thus far
    including those enrolled at:

Major universities across the country
Numerous public high schools around the country

Interested in making an IMPACT through education in your community? Learn more about how we work with our partners to launch these initiatives in a school district or university near you.

Early Detection Matters

IMPACT Melanoma has exposed almost a million students and teachers to this award-winning, educational program. Middle, high school, and college students can also apply for a scholarship through our ambassador program. Stipends available for teachers who use the eLearning curriculum in their classrooms.

Katie Nehring

“I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma the summer before my senior year of high school. At the time I had no idea what melanoma was. My mom noticed an irregular mole on my back while, ironically, applying sunscreen.”

Liza McAndrews

“I am hoping that my story will make people realize that melanoma can happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter race, gender, or age. You need to be your own self advocate, you are the only one that knows your body 100%, trust yourself!!! Protect yourself, wear sunscreen, do your own skin check get yourself to a dermatologist. Most importantly, you don’t need a tan to be beautiful, you are amazing just the way you are!”

Linda Moffat

“I am the perfect example that melanoma is treatable if caught early. While I have had four occurrences, none have done deeper than Stage 1, and never required anything more than surgery. I go faithfully to my dermatologist, even if she makes me come for full body scans every three months.”

Mandi Nickerson

“It’s been just over a year, I am now blessed to go to a fabulous dermatologist in Boston who specializes in melanoma. Since my surgery, I’ve had 4 more incisions of moles. I’ve traded my bikini for UPF clothing, floppy hats, and I avoid the sun between 10-4. I realize I am a survivor and my work here isn’t done, my time isn’t over! I feel a renewed appreciation for my skin.”

If you are a middle school, high school, college student or teacher you can become a Your Skin Is In ambassador for your chance to win a scholarship/stipend!

Early Detection Matters

At IMPACT, we know that melanoma is highly treatable when caught early. So we have developed a program to put the power of early detection and education in the hands of millions of technicians within the spa and salon industry. Our Skinny On Skin initiative trains hairstylists, massage therapists, nail technicians and estheticians – who examine clients’ skin on a regular basis – to spot troublesome moles in places that clients can’t see themselves.

“When melanoma is detected at an early stage, surgical removal cures the disease in most cases.”

Skinny On Skin recognizes that skin and hair professionals are in a unique position to spot melanoma on a client long before anyone else. Because head and neck melanomas are particularly dangerous, Skinny On Skin teaches you how to screen for suspicious moles while performing common salon services. Become certified to offer this life-saving service for your customers.

Beauty trends change. Saving a life lasts forever.

Do you know an irregular mole when you see one? Let IMPACT Melanoma empower you with life-saving early detection information which you can share with your client.

We’re Always Here
When You Need Us

Support is important no matter where you’re at in your journey with melanoma. From patient to family to caregiver, IMPACT Melanoma offers support groups for people dealing with the realities of melanoma. IMPACT support groups reduce the feelings of isolation that often accompany a melanoma diagnosis by providing opportunities for patients and caregivers to talk to others dealing with the same challenges.

We believe that by participating in support groups, educational programs, and other programs, patients can gain self-confidence and develop coping skills to help them deal with their illness regardless of the stage.

“Melanoma accounts for 5%
of all skin cancers and 71% of all
skin cancer deaths. It is estimated
that one in every 50 Americans
is diagnosed with melanoma.”

Support groups for patients and caregivers

Support groups for patients and caregivers

Melanoma support groups are offered in multiple locations for patients with melanoma. The groups are led by trained professionals skilled in working with cancer patients. We also assist with support for the families and friends of melanoma patients. There is no charge for these support groups –

Click here for a list of in person and telephonic support groups.

Billy’s Buddies

Billy’s Buddies

Billy’s Buddies is our one-on-one patient support and advocacy program. Founded in 2006, Billy’s Buddies focuses on providing a wide range of support services so that those struggling with this illness will have the energy, advice, and direction they need to fight this disease –

click here to learn more about Billy’s buddies.

At one time or another, we all need someone to lean on. Let IMPACT Melanoma support you and your family when you need it most.

Inspired By Community

IMPACT Melanoma hosts four signature events every year to help raise funds to support our educational and outreach programs

Shades of Hope

This annual gala celebrates those who have helped make a difference in the lives of others by spreading awareness and offering support to those touched by melanoma including melanoma thought leaders, patients, and supporters.

Click here to learn more.

Golf Tournament

The risk of melanoma is high for golfers who spend hours out on the golf course unprotected, especially for men age 50 and older. Early detection and prevention is key in reducing the risks of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. IMPACT Melanoma’s Golf Tournament brings golfers together in support of its educational, support and advocacy programs.

Click here to learn more.

Martinis 4 Melanoma

Martinis for Melanoma brings people together to raise awareness about melanoma and the dangers of tanning in a fun, social environment. Join us for a virtual night of socializing, snacking and sipping to raise funds for IMPACT Melanoma’s life-saving education and prevention programs!


Boston & NYC Marathons

Thanks to our partnership with the Boston Athletic Association, Team IMPACT has raised over $3 million to benefit IMPACT Melanoma’s mission of prevention, education, support and advocacy in the fight against melanoma.

Click here to learn more.

Our goal remains specific and direct: we must reduce the incidence and human costs of melanoma. Our specific and direct goal makes our call to action equally crystal-clear… We must:

1. Educate the public about sun and UV safety
2. Give them the tools they need to protect their skin today, and
3. Bring support and comfort to those whom the disease affects.
We at IMPACT Melanoma know how to do this, and we have an ever-growing body of evidence demonstrating that what we do is effective. Our successes thus far however, are only the beginning of our efforts to connect with:

· More people
· More organizations
· More communities

Your help – involvement, partnership, and yes, your financial support – is essential in allowing us to expand the scope of our programs to reach more people and save more lives. Together, we can make an IMPACT today and create a healthier tomorrow.
We know that we share common goals. Please contact us today so that we can begin working together to make achieving these goals a reality.