Gatherings of Hope

Ready to get Gatherings of Hope on your calendar?

Simply check your schedule and choose an ideal date to host your dinner party.

We will provide you with the invitations in addition to a box filled with IMPACT branded sun safety products, as well as name tags, donation cards, and IMPACT thank you notes.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to gather with friends, family, and colleagues in support of a wonderful cause and worthy mission.

Bon appetit!

Event Overview


If you’re looking for an excuse to invite your friends and family over to share a meal and support a good cause, we’ve got it!

IMPACT Melanoma is excited to extend our fundraising opportunities across the country by launching our in-home dinner party initiative, Gatherings of Hope. By hosting one of these in-home dinners, you will help IMPACT Melanoma raise awareness, along with the funds required to realize our goal of creating a future where the consequences of melanoma become a thing of the past.

Bonus: You’ll be able to make this important impact right from the comfort and convenience of your own home!


In case your home isn’t exactly… company-ready, why not reserve a room at a favorite local restaurant or a neat freak neighbor’s house?

While hosting at your home is cost-effective, let’s not forget there’s cleanup involved. Whether at home or elsewhere, we encourage you to host your gathering wherever you feel comfortable and excited about sharing IMPACT Melanoma’s mission and message. About that mission… for those who aren’t completely familiar with our organization, this is the perfect opportunity to make our acquaintance in a festive way at the location of your choosing.

Meet IMPACT Melanoma

As the nation’s leading non-profit dedicated to melanoma prevention and early detection, IMPACT Melanoma provides education, prevention, and support for the most serious form of skin cancer.

Dedicated to working to reduce the incidence of melanoma and committed to skin cancer prevention and early detection, we provide a variety of award-winning programs which aim to raise awareness and educate the public about skin cancer, as well as support services for those struggling with the disease.

Our team is passionate. Our purpose is clear. And most importantly, our programs save lives.

Why are we encouraging gatherings away from our homebase?

Simply because, we’ve grown and we’re still growing…

What started as the Massachusetts Melanoma Foundation in 1999 has expanded throughout the United States.

For that reason, we are eager to make stronger connections with our network of supporters by providing opportunities for you to make an impact in your own communities.