Enhancing Urban Forestry in The Commonwealth

Oct 24, 2023

IMPACT Melanoma was thrilled to hear of the federal funds made available to enhance urban forestry and access to green spaces throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in urban areas surrounding Boston.

The Commonwealth secured $22 million in funding, with $11 million to benefit Chinatown, East Boston, Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury.

As we all know, trees take time to grow and unfortunately in many urban areas across the country, trees do not survive, preventing urban dwellers from both the health benefits of trees and the beauty of trees in their neighborhoods.

With PowerCorps hiring a program director and manager and training two cohorts of 50 participants each year, we are hopeful that trees will be planted, nurtured and cared for, providing beauty and shade to those living in these urban areas.

Our excitement stems from our work with urban developers and city leaders to advocate for incorporating shade into urban development. Trees play an important role in all neighborhoods and shade can be important in avoiding harmful UV rays from the sun that cause skin cancer, including melanoma.

The Power of Trees:

  • Trees help clean the air.
  • Trees can help prevent storm surge and flooding.
  • Trees provide shade which naturally cools our bodies and lowers the risk of health-related illnesses.
  • Trees can help lower the temperature by up to 10°.
  • Neighborhood trees have been shown to reduce stress, improve the health and development of children and encourage physical activity.

Source: Arbor Day Foundation

Thank you to all who made this federal money available to the Commonwealth and to these Boston area communities. This is a great achievement that offers career opportunities to city residents with a high school diploma and provides much needed tree coverage in urban areas.

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