Dermatology Interest Group Association

IMPACT Melanoma is honored to partner with the Dermatology Interest Group Association, a national group of dedicated medical students pursuing a career in dermatology.

Learn how your DIGA chapter can use IMPACT’s programs to bring educational outreach to your communities. We will work with you to implement valuable projects to increase awareness and promote skin cancer prevention.

Get involved!

Work Opportunities!

  • Participate in a CDC grant with the top leaders in public health
  • Educate the community on sun safety
  • Safely work outside all summer

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Practice Safe Skin

Your Skin Is In

The Skinny On Skin

No Sun For Babies

Safe Skin at Work

Monthly Zoom Meetings for: Practice Safe Skin, No Sun For Babies, and Safe Skin at Work

Who: Laurie Seavey and Melissa Huette from IMPACT, Christopher Fay, IMPACT’s Student Volunteer Manager
When: The first Thursday of the month at 7pm EST
Where: Click Here To Enter Zoom Meeting
Why: This will be a great opportunity for you to share your progress each month, ask us questions or collaborate with other DIGA students.

About these meetings:

  • These meetings will be recorded and available upon request.
  • If there are no participants by 7:15pm EST, we will end the meeting.

Meet IMPACT Melanoma’s National Student Volunteer Manager Christopher Fay

Christopher Fay is a medical student at UMass Chan Medical School with an indefatigable passion for bringing skin cancer prevention programs to communities. After a family member was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, he has been a central figure for a number of these projects. Working with IMPACT Melanoma, he brought hundreds of free sunscreen dispensers to nine different towns in Massachusetts and has offered countless hours of sun safety education to local outdoor workers and youth groups. In addition to the Practice Safe Skin and Safe Skin at Work programs, he introduced No Sun for Babies at his local hospital that offers to parents of newborns backpacks of sun safety items. Across the country, he has worked with colleges to prohibit indoor tanning on campuses through the Skin Smart Campus program. He is energized by working with other passionate students and has become an invaluable resource that IMPACT Melanoma shares. Chris has already supported students from dozens of medical schools across the country who are eager to bring sun safety to their communities, and we encourage you to work with him as you transform your own community. 

IMPACT’s webinar for DIGA members