City of Friendswood becomes a Sun Safe Leadership Model City

May 14, 2024

IMPACT Melanoma is thrilled to announce that the City of Friendswood, Texas has become a Partner in Prevention as together with Castle Biosciences, the city kicked off its initiative on Friday May 3rd to promote skin cancer awareness and prevention education programs throughout the city. IMPACT Melanoma recognized the City of Friendswood and its Mayor, Mike Foreman, as a Sun Safe Leadership Model City.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and is also preventable by adopting sun safe habits. These habits include wearing sunscreen whenever the UV index is 3 or higher, wearing protective clothing including sunglasses and a hat that covers your ears and back of your neck.

As a Partner in Prevention, Castle Biosciences, headquartered in the city, and Friendswood, Texas joined efforts to install sunscreen dispensers throughout the city through IMPACT Melanoma’s Practice Safe Skin program. Additionally, portable shade is being made available to protect outdoor workers and residents from harmful UV rays which can reflect off water, sand, and other surfaces. Additional elements of the partnership include providing protective UPF clothing to outdoor workers including parks and recreation and city workers along with prevention education.

“We wanted to look at opportunities to support organizations and causes aligned with us,” Castle Biosciences CEO Derek Maetzold said. “We wanted to consider how to help reduce the number of melanomas and improve outcomes for all patients. One way to do that is with key initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of early screening and early detection of melanomas.”

Executive Director of IMPACT Melanoma, Deb Girard added, “While we have some new treatments that can be effective in treating melanoma, the number one tool is prevention. Wear protective clothing, put on sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and seek shade. These are the things we can do to make a difference. The combination of taking personal responsibility and having a community that can support you when you’re outside like Friendswood, Texas can make a big difference and help us save lives”

“We are so grateful to partner with you and be a vessel for increasing awareness of melanoma in Friendswood. It’ll be neat to see this summer how our employees, campers, and residents alike utilize what you’ve given us and are encouraged to practice sun safety! You all were wonderful to work with, and we sincerely appreciate your mission, your passion, and the work you do…on behalf of Parks and Recreation: THANK YOU so incredibly much!”
– Megan Childers, City of Friendswood, Parks & Recreation

City of Friendswood becomes a Sun Safe Leadership Model City

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